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Montana Horses for Sale

Thank you for visiting Montana Horses for Sale, the website created to feature the recreational, mountain trail and ranch horses for sale from Montana Horses, Inc. at the Mantle Ranch in Three Forks, Montana.  We encourage you to visit our website to fully understand the quality and caliber of the horses we are featuring here, and the generations-old family of horsemen from which we are offering them.
UPCOMING: "Unveiling of the Colts" Horse Sale
July 12th, Three Forks Fairgrounds and Event Center

Featuring 30 head of AQHA Ranch Horses 5- 8 years old.
Raised right, from weanlings on the Three Forks Mantle Ranch.
  Ridden these last 90 days by top notch trainers including:
Ryan Harrington and Tia Tomburello

Stay tuned for details!

Browse through the list of horses currently offered for sale: Montana Horses for Sale
Our on-ranch 2014 offering will be posted this May.

When you find a horse in which you are interested, please go to our How to Buy a Horse page, where we can help you easily maneuver through the too often confusing and intimidating buying process. We'll help you arrange a visit to the ranch and make sure you are fully aware of the previewing, purchasing, and sales policies.  We want you to have all of the information you need about your horse, our ranch, and the buying process to feel confident enough to come meet your potential new companion and comfortable with the relationship we all are about to enter.   

When buying a horse, we want to be your LAST stop, not your first. At Montana Horses, we are committed to finding the right home for our wonderful horses and to serving our customers in a manner that is satisfying to them. 
There are many wonderful horses in this world, but these are OUR wonderful horses - and we're proud of them.  We want to help you find yours. 

Thank you for placing your trust in us to find the right horse for you and your family.

Photography by Stephanie Adriana
Please see this note about our ranch photography and our featured photographers on this website.

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